Our Aim

Lynnette Morris & Associates CC T/A The Contact Centre Coach and Contact Centre Academy was established in 2002 providing specialist contact centre consulting and skills development services in over 17 countries in Africa, Netherlands and Bahrain.

The Contact Centre Coach is focused on improving contact centre’s abilities to improve their performance through clear directional strategies, supportive structures and enabled staff to be more effective and efficient in what they do resulting in reduction of operating costs, improved customer and staff satisfaction.

Our focus is developing clear strategic directions, operational structures, enabling senior and middle management to direct, manage the operational and tactical level of activity that will result in the fulfilment of the organizational objectives and strategic plan.

The Contact Centre Academy is focused on developing operational contact centre leadership, management and supervisory skills for Managers, Supervisors and Support Specialists in the Contact Centre Industry.

Our Target

The Contact Centre Coach provides consulting and skills development services to Contact Centres in Africa. Our focus is on the Executive, Senior and Middle Management levels.

Our interventions range from conducting best practice operational assessments within the Contact Centre, providing customised solutions that address the specific strategic, operational and people performance gaps.

Our products and services are continuous improvement interventions. Our methodology creates a focused approach of defining the direction and improving the current outputs being achieved by the individual, team, department and organization. All improvements initiated will result in improved operational efficiency and quality positively impacting customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, a reduction in operational costs and improved skills that empowers the individual to continue the process into the future.

Our Objective

The Contact Centre Coach objective is to close identified skills gaps or to achieve the set operational standards, whilst ensuring the contact centre continues to operate. On completion of the set coaching program the targeted individuals are empowered and enabled to continue performing at the improved level.


Lynnette Morris
Managing Member
& Executive Coach
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